Dedicated to raising cattle for 70 years.

We are raising about 7,500 Japanese Black cattle by fully utilizing the knowledge and experience gained over more than 70 years of cattle raising.
Through our integrated business spanning from cattle breeding and fattening to processing and sales, we deliver safe and high-quality beef from our ranches to consumers.

Through our integrated business spanning from cattle breeding and fattening to processing and sales,
Arita Livestock Industries deliver safe and high-quality beef.

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Equipment Introduction

Our facilities include equipment for processing, manufacturing and frozen storage. This enables us to perform integrated production from processing of carcasses to final products. We possess a processing system for obtaining cuts of meat, processed meat, and dry-aged beef from carcasses. Furthermore, we also operate a frozen storage delivery system for shipping as necessary.



Cattle are brought back to our company in the form of a cattle carcass, in other words, meat which still contains the bones. We carefully remove the bones and process the meat. All steps from deboning to meat processing are done in a single operation at our company. This ensures high quality so that our customers can eat with peace of mind. We also process the meat into T-bone steak and bone-in short ribs.


Meat processing

Our facilities can handle various processing needs such as steaks, shabu-shabu, sukiyaki, yakiniku, and diced steak. Furthermore, we perform vacuum packing even for small amounts of meat. This makes our products easy to use for customers.


Manufacturing of processed products

We manufacture processed products such as hamburger steaks, croquettes, minced meat cutlets, and roast beef. Our customers can select from ingredients such as Japanese Black beef and domestic beef. We make processed products according to the prices and tastes specifed by our customers. We produce processed meats in lots. However, if any specific recipe is provided from a customer, we will produce processed meats in accordance with the recipe.