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Is it possible to have a business meeting in person?

Yes, it is possible. We also offer online meetings via ZOOM, Google meet, Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat, and LINE.

Is it possible to visit the meat wholesale market?

Please contact us in advance. There is no charge to visit the market, but only if you are interested in doing business with us.
Actual expenses (transportation, interpreter, etc.) may be incurred depending on the situation. Please contact us for details.

Is it possible to specify the brand and grade of beef?

Yes, all grades are available.

Is it possible to specify the part of the beef?

Yes, it is possible to specify the part of the beef. Please click here for a list of parts.

What languages are available?

Japanese and English are available. Almost all languages are supported by e-mail.

Which countries do you export to?

Please see the list here.

What is the lead time from order to delivery?

For airfreight, it takes about one month. For sea freight, the time varies depending on the region.

Is it possible to export small quantities as samples?

We do not support small sample quantities.

Can you process the meat into steak cuts, slices, or barbeque cuts?

Basically, no. As a rule, we export the meat in boxes vacuum-packed in accordance with the country of destination at a processing plant that can handle exports.

What is your payment method?

We accept payment in Japanese yen, U.S. dollars, or euros in full in advance. We ask for a deposit of 80% of the estimated weight at the time of order placement, and once the weight is determined after the beef is cut, we ask for the remaining 20% plus transportation costs. After confirmation of payment, the beef is exported.

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

We can accept orders from one whole set or one set of each type.

Can you ship directly to stores and restaurants outside of Japan?

In terms of logistics, direct shipment is possible in most countries. As a general rule, we will deliver to the local airport.

What are the requirements for importing Wagyu beef?

The most important thing is an import permit. Some countries do not require one, but please check with your local JETRO office to make sure. It takes time to obtain an import permit depending on the country. Direct import of Wagyu beef can greatly reduce costs, but it also requires certain procedures on the part of the importer.

I am running a restaurant overseas and would like to import Wagyu beef.

Yes, as long as the minimum order quantity and minimum export amount are met and you have an import permit. In other cases, if there is an import wholesaler that you deal with locally, we can have them handle the import procedures for you and deliver the beef to you.

Are you Halal compliant?

We will be able to start importing from around July 2024. We will sell in Japan, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia, North America, and other countries. There are some restrictions depending on the country, such as not being able to sell a set of specific parts or specify the grade.

We would like to export cattle raised by our own company.

If you have a confirmed local sales destination and have cleared various import issues (import permits, etc.), it is possible. Please contact us.

Is it possible to return goods?

As a general rule, we do not accept returns.

What happens if there is a defect due to an accident during delivery?

For domestic deliveries, insurance will be taken care of by the party who arranged the logistics company. For exports, we will handle the risk and insurance in accordance with Incoterms.
In the case of exports, risk bearing and insurance will be handled in accordance with the Incoterms.

Is it possible for the buyer to arrange the shipping company/forwarder?

Basically, everything is OK. For exports, we will make mutual arrangements in accordance with Incoterms.

What is the expiration date?

100 days in refrigerated storage (0°C to 2°C) from the date of processing. It can be stored for 2 years if frozen.