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Whole set (350kg)

Whole set (350kg)

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When placing your order, we will cut the beef according to your preferences.



Whole set

Tender loin 10kg
Strip loin 28 kg
Ribeye 16 kg
Chuck roll38 kg
Clod 38 kg
Chuck tender 8kg
Neck 9kg
Brisket 26kg
Short ribs 26kg
Flap meat 9kg
Short plate 28kg
Flank 8kg
Top round 20kg
Bottom round 22kg
Ichibo 11kg
Rump 11kg
Knuckle 15kg
Tri-tip 8kg
Chuck Rib 10kg
Shank 9kg

Purchasing a whole set allows you to customize the cutting method and portions of the meat. You can tailor the cuts according to your preferences, making it suitable for various cooking methods. This enables you to fully experience the unique characteristics of each parts of Wagyu beef.