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Half set (175kg)

Half set (175kg)

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When placing your order, we will cut the beef according to your preferences.



Half set

Tender loin 5kg
Strip loin 14 kg
Ribeye 8 kg
Chuck roll 19 kg
Clod 19 kg
Chuck tender 4kg
Neck 4.5kg
Brisket 13kg
Short ribs 13kg
Flap meat 4.5kg
Short plate 14kg
Flank 4kg
Top round 10kg
Bottom round 11kg
Ichibo 5.5kg
Rump 5.5kg
Knuckle 7.5kg
Tri-tip 4kg
Chuck Rib 5kg
Shank 4.5kg

If you're trying Japanese Black Wagyu for the first time, purchasing half a head is a low-risk option. You can buy a smaller quantity to gauge the quality and taste. Buying a smaller quantity than a whole set reduces initial investment and costs.