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Arita sauce (Special sauce for beef)

Arita sauce (Special sauce for beef)

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We want to provide not only delicious Wagyu beef, but also the sauces that make it even more delicious.

An excellent sauce developed over the past 7 years by professionals who know all about Wagyu beef to maximize the flavor of Japanese black beef.

Soy sauce and red wine add richness to the gentle sweetness of the mirin. The soup stock of dried bonito and kelp adds depth.

No thickening agents or sweeteners are used, and the ingredients are carefully selected and handmade.

Volume : 245g

Shelf life : 365days

Ingredients : Mirin (mirin) (made in Japan), red wine, soy sauce,Flavorings (kelp powder, kelp extract, dried bonito powder, dried bonito extract) extract  sugar (sugar, lactose),Salt, vinegar,of dried bonito),Yeast extract/ Seasoning (amino acid, etc.)(Contains soybeans, wheat and milk)