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Loin Four Parts + Chuck rib, Rump, Ichibo (124kg)

Loin Four Parts + Chuck rib, Rump, Ichibo (124kg)

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When placing your order, we will cut the beef according to your preferences.



Loin Four Parts Tender loin 10kg
Strip loin 28kg
Ribeye 16kg
Chuck roll 38kg
Chuck rib, Rump, Ichibo Chuck rib 10kg
Rump 11kg
Ichibo(Rump cap) 11kg

Each parts offers a distinct flavor profile. Tenderloin is exceptionally tender with a delicate taste. Strip Loin boasts a deep richness of meaty flavor. Rib Eye features abundant marbling and a juicy essence. Chuck Roll provides a savory and flavorful experience, while Chuck Rib is rich in savory notes. Rump presents a moist texture and savory taste. Ichibo carries its own unique and deep flavor. These cuts are versatile, suitable for various cooking methods such as grilling, steak, shabu-shabu, sukiyaki, and roasting.