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Loin Four Parts + Round set (179kg)

Loin Four Parts + Round set (179kg)

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When placing your order, we will cut the beef according to your preferences.



Loin Four Parts Tender loin 10kg
Strip loin 28kg
Ribeye 16kg
Chuck roll 38kg
Round set

Top round 20kg
Bottom round 22kg
Knuckle 15kg
Tri-tip 8kg
Rump 11kg
Ichibo(Rump cap) 11kg

This set features premium parts of Japanese Black Wagyu tenderloin, strip loin, rib eye, and chuck roll,  with the  round meat. The round meat, although predominantly lean, is packed with the inherent flavors of beef, making it ideal for dishes such as roast beef, steak, yakiniku, shabu-shabu, sukiyaki, and simmered preparations.