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Loin Four Parts + Plate set (200kg)

Loin Four Parts + Plate set (200kg)

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When placing your order, we will cut the beef according to your preferences.



Loin Four Parts Tender loin 10kg
Strip loin 28kg
Ribeye 16 kg
Chuck roll 38 kg
Plate set Chuck rib 10kg
Brisket 26kg
Short rib 26kg
Flap meat 9 kg
Short plate 28 kg
Flank 8 kg
Inside skirt 1 kg

This set includes premium parts such as tenderloin, strip loin, rib eye, and chuck roll, along with the plate.
Plate set of Japanese Black Wagyu is perfect for yakiniku and steak. This parts is an essential element in Japanese yakiniku cuisine. Plate set is known for its rich marbling, which becomes fragrant when grilled. The richness of the fat infuses the meat, providing a juicy flavor. Its balanced meat texture harmonizes well, allowing for a luxurious bite.