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Once you have accepted our quotation, kindly send us a purchase order.


Invoicing and Payment

The invoicing process will be divided into two stages:

1.After the contract is finalized, we will issue the first invoice, requesting an 80% payment of the quoted amount.

2.Upon final determination of the product’s weight, approximately one week before shipment, we will issue the second invoice, which includes shipping charges. Once we confirm the payment, we will issue the purchase receipt.


Membership Registration

Membership registration with the slaughterhouse is mandatory. We will send you the registration documents to your email address. Please fill in the required information.


Confirmation of Shipment Date


Hygiene Inspection and Animal Quarantine Inspection

We will issue a health certificate and an export quarantine certificate. We will also send you the invoice and packing list.


Invoicing and Payment

We will send you an invoice for the remaining amount, which includes transportation costs. Kindly make the payment within one day from the date of invoice issuance.


Customs Clearance and Shipment

Countries available for export.

Exporting Japanese beef and domestic beef requires processing at the abattoir in accordance with the import requirements approved by the importing country’s government. Knowledge of both export procedures and meat processing is essential. We provide support for both. Our company offers not only wholesale services for domestic companies but also proposals for centralized services up to the export procedures. Our group company, Arita Bokuchiku, raises approximately 7,500 Wagyu cattle, and we can provide a comprehensive service from domestic sales to export procedures. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Export to 49 countries

Please contact us via the contact form for inquiries. We support both English and Japanese languages.


Taiwan, Macau, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia

North America

USA, Canada, Mexico

South America

Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil


New Zealand, Australia

EU (European Union)

Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Ireland, Greece, Spain, France, Croatia, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania Slovenia, Slovakia, Finland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland, Principality of Liechtenstein

Start exporting Halal Wagyu beef from 2024

UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Malaysia, Indonesia, North America, etc.