We do
possible to
raise healthy


160th Koyu Chikuren Market Beef Promotion Association Honorary Award: Shipper Award
161st Koyu Chikuren Market Beef Promotion Association Honorary Award: Shipper Award
164th Koyu Chikuren Market Beef Promotion Association Honorary Award: Shipper Award
13th National Marbled Meat Research Association Excellence Award
4th Wagyu Breeding and Fattening Promotion Committee
and Youth Division Beef Carcass Cooperative
Excellence Award

Local mountain water
flowing from Mount Osuzu

Our Wagyu drink fresh and clean water that is pumped from 80 meters underground. Water greatly affects the internal organs and meat quality. We always provide clean water to keep our Wagyu healthy. Our Wagyu have internal organs with beautiful color with no odor. Their flesh has a light amount of fat and the red meat has a strong umami flavor.

Carefully selected livestock feed

We serve our originally blended feed twice a day. Wagyu eat until they satisfy. This feed enriches the aroma and taste of meat. The feed contains no antibiotics so that human can also eat it.

Highly skilled Wagyumen

Wagyumen are a type of craftsmen. Veteran Wagyumen with many years of experience always keep Wagyu in the best possible condition and maintain their health. Our Wagyumen carefully fatten our Wagyu while constantly considering “raising healthy Wagyu and serving healthier meet that contributes to the health of our consumers.”

There are 4 types of Japanese beef known as
“Wagyu”: “Kuroge Wagyu”, “Akage Wagyu”, “Nihon Tankaku Wagyu”, and “Mukaku Wagyu”.

“Kuroge Wagyu” is the most famous type of Wagyu, with a tender and finely marbled texture. It gets its name from its beautiful black coat. “Akage Wagyu” has a darker brown coat than Kuroge Wagyu and also has a tender texture and a delicate flavor.“Nihon Tankaku Wagyu” gets its name from the fact that the horns of this breed are short at birth. It has a lot of lean meat and a deep flavor.“Mukaku Wagyu” is characterized by the absence of horns. Its meat is dense and has plenty of sweetness and umami flavor.

Arita WagyuJapanese Black beef from Miyazaki Prefecture

Arita Wagyu are fed only 10 kinds of carefully selected grains and four kinds of self-cultivated pasture grasses, all of which are originally blended by a livestock feed production manager certified by the Minister of Agriculture. Forestry and Fisheries. Of course, absolutely no medicines or antibiotics are mixed into the feed. Certified livestock feed production manager. President Yonemasu Arita was certified as a livestock feed production manager by the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Our company works hard to ensure the safety and quality of our livestock feed.

Japanese Black Wagyu (delivered cow)Refed Wagyu

For about six to ten manths after giving birth to several calves, this red cow was healthily raised using the same environmental conditions, water, and feed as Arita Wagyu. Similar to a young cow, the color of the cow’s flesh is a deep red, not a light pink. Characterized by lean meaty flavor with little marbling. The taste of the red meat is very strong and the meat is healthy.

Konohana beef

We feed our Wagyu giving high-quality feed which is rich in protein. This Konohana beef is also fattened in the same environment as Arita Wagyu, so they grow without experiencing stress.